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The Team #Momentesammler are Event-Photographers specialized in Public-Speaking, Keynotes, Seminars and deep focused events. We are catching moments, which transports your authentic personal energy and increases your market value.

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Let the power of your message also flow into your photos

The founder Patrick himself already took the perspective of an organizer, speaker and participant, which means that we as a team know exactly how we can increase your market value.

Social Attention

Photos that show you as a brand in an approachable and authentic way will get you more social attention.


Emotional and creative varied photos will be remembered by your audience much longer.


If photos are well created and are remembered, you will bind your audience and customers closer to you in the long term and thus increase your purchasing power.

Get to know our Energie

Behind the scenes into our work at the Greator Festival 2022 with a team of 16 people



Greator Festival

The Greator Festival took place with 12,000 guests in the Lanxess Arena in Cologne. With a team of 16 people, the #Momentesammler team was responsible for photographing more than 120 speakers and capturing impressions of the entire event.


Bunte Intelligenz

Introductory event by Olivia Maciejowski. Lively and creative development of potential with depth effect.


Bahar & Jeffrey

Highly emotional and transformative seminars with up to 200 participants.

"Patrick is braking patterns."

Bahar Yilmaz, Trainer & Author

"We are absolutely delighted with his work. He does it with passion and commitment. I have never experienced anything like this before."

Dr. Stefan Frädrich, Founder Greator GmbH

"Good photos are those that are in the moment and not in the pose."

Daniel AminatiEntertainer, Musician & Motivator

"It's like magic to me. Patrick has a feeling for people & moments and to capture it perfectly with the camera."

Aki RüpprichLead of Agency for Dr. Stefan Frädrich

Miriam Höller
Ex-Stuntfrau & Speakerin

René Borbonus
Redner & Trainer für Rhetorik

Dr. Frederik Hümmeke
Top Management Coach & Autor

Hermann Scherer & Tobias Beck

Robert Gladitz
Business Mentor

Keynote Speaker & Magier

Grafik Designerin

Emotional Coach

When the energies of the moments flow into the photos

In the most intense moments, in which mental strength and physical strength play together, we capture exactly these moments with absolute sensitivity towards the participants.


Your participants feel comfortable and unobserved in our presence. This allows them to let their emotions flow unhindered. Due to our feeling for the atmosphere, we are hardly noticed by the participants and creating authentic pictures of the moment.

Part of the Journey

A service provider who is part of the journey moves with the flow. Just like you, we are interested in the profound experiences we will have together. We have already been able to take part in different experiences and rituals ourselves and can thus put ourselves in the participants' shoes particularly well. This way we know what is going on in the person and we take pictures at the right moment without being noticed.


Increase your market value by increasing your effectiveness through our photographic support. Our attention to detail makes you and your retreats more approachable and creates an "I want to be there" feeling.

"If you are looking for someone who really combines photography with love and heart, then Patrick Reymann is the right person!"

Denys Scharnweber, Founder von Denys Scharnweber Akademie GmbH  

"He has the ability, the skills and the feeling to capture moments, feelings, the magic of this experience and this vision."

Kevin Godawski, Founder von AWAKA Consulting GmbH

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